First Merchant Deposit

Collecting checks, creating deposits, and trying to find time to run to the bank have long been an expected hassle of running a business. First Financial Bank is changing the game. We’re proud to offer businesses our First Merchant Deposit technology. With this check capture hardware, you’ll be able to process non-cash deposits directly from your office computer. This will allow you to

  • Process check deposits faster
  • Conveniently make deposits from your office
  • Save the time, effort, and liability of driving to and from the bank
  • Deposit checks in a way that’s quick, easy, and cost-effective

For more information about our First Merchant Deposit and how First Financial Bank is dedicated to making your business banking better, talk with us today!

Non-Cash Deposits

First Financial Bank wants to help you save time, effort, and gas money with our First Merchant Deposit for businesses. This innovative technology gives your company the ability to make non-cash deposits from your desktop computer, meaning fewer trips to the bank. Give us a call at 870.238.2361 for more information!

Checks Deposit

Now, your business can have the convenience of a bank right on your desktop computer. First Financial Bank First Merchant Deposit gives you the ability to deposit checks without ever stepping foot in the bank!